Attendance tracking that keeps students on track.
Daily attendance screen

School Attendance Made Simple

Take attendance in Gradelink in just seconds, and it's available to the school office immediately. Principals and office staff can immediately see students marked tardy, absent, etc, and even make updates or corrections as necessary.

Parents can register for instant email notifications of absences, tardies, medical absences and more.

Class attendance screen

Flexible Options

Daily attendance in Gradelink features commenting and tracking for up to 15 customizable attributes, including tardies, AM/PM absences, medical excuses, school holiday - even lunch count.

Class based attendance allows tracking for each subject during multiple periods throughout the day, along with an optional conduct grade.


Attendance Sheet report. Attendance list report. Detailed attendance report. Attendance per class report. Attendance totals report.

Comprehensive Attendance Reports

A whole host of attendance reports helps simplify your record keeping. Need a quick running total of present and absent for all students? Check. Want to print a detailed chart of student attendance throughout the term? Done. How about a list of all students with 3 tardies or more? It's all here. Fast, accurate and secure, attendance tracking in Gradelink keeps everyone on track. Want to see more reports?

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