Since 2015, Angela Ohme has been “the person” to talk to about admissions at Island Christian School in Langley, Washington. Her experience on the front lines led her to realize that their existing admissions process was time-consuming and less than efficient.

“We would often have 5 or 6 hard copies of enrollment forms, some with ‘you already have this’ scribbled across the top by parents,” Angela said, recalling experiences from her first year with the school. “Sometimes parents would turn in everything right away, and we could get them in the system in less than an hour. Some would take multiple phone calls, and it could be several days before we were able to finish enrolling a student.”

Angela knew that if the school was going to attract new families, retain existing ones, and make life easier for everyone, changes needed to be made. She reached out to the school’s Gradelink account representative and began learning about EnrollMe, an all-in-one, online admissions system.

Improve school admissions with a simple online form. The enrollment process went from multiple paper forms to a simple online form.

That was three years ago. So what does Angela have to say about EnrollMe today?

“It streamlines everything.”

EnrollMe has helped Island Christian School dramatically decrease the amount of time spent enrolling students. According to Angela, they now spend 20-30 minutes at most per student in contrast to the hours or even days spent in the past.

EnrollMe isn’t just helpful for school staff. Parents are also reaping the benefits of their new, streamlined admissions process.

“On the whole, our parents are very happy about not having to fill out any paperwork, especially not having to refill the same paperwork every year,” commented Angela. “There are a few holdouts, but we just tell them to stop by the office, and we go through it together.”

If you’re ready to cut stacks of forms and improve school admissions, send an email to or give us a call at 1-800-742-3080 ext. 2 to get started with EnrollMe.

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