Standard Service Pricing

Gradelink standard service includes:

  • All features (except Premium Service Options listed below)
  • Automatic feature updates
  • Support and training

To begin standard service, there is a one-time fee of $2.50 per student (minimum $249) for our STAR Implementation process. This fantastic service helps you get up and running quickly, including importing student data, configuring basic class setup, and more.

Monthly rates for an entire single school are based on number of active students enrolled in Gradelink. Prior/graduated student records in the system do not count toward the total.

Premium Service Options

EnrollMe online enrollment is an add-on for Gradelink that can replace your paper-based registration and enrollment process with a simple online approach. Learn More...

Gradelink Payments gives your school integrated online payment processing at competitive rates. Learn More...

School Websites by Gradelink are personalized, modern websites that can be easily managed by your school staff. Learn More...

Districts & Dioceses get on-demand access to powerful reports across all schools, including demographics, academics, and more. Learn More…

Integrations allow Gradelink to work with third-party software, such as state reporting and assessment testing. Learn More…

Text & Voice Blasts provides schools a simple and affordable way to send text and voice messages to their families. Learn More…

Number of Students

Per Month (Entire School)

0-50 $92
51-100 $126
101-150 $161
151-200 $184
201-250 $207
251-300 $230
301-350 $253
351-400 $276
401-450 $299
451-500 $322
501-550 $344
551-600 $367
601-650 $390
651-700 $413
701-750 $436
751-800 $459
801-850 $482
851-900 $505
901-950 $528
951-1000 $550
1001-1100 $573
1101-1200 $596
1201+ Call for Pricing