As National Lutheran Schools Week approaches, we’ve compiled a short list of things your school can do to engage your community.

1. Use social media: Share information about Lutheran Schools Week on your school’s social media accounts, and encourage students, teachers, and parents to do the same. Use hashtags like #LutheranSchoolsWeek, #NLSW, and #LuthEd to help get the word out.

2. Send out press releases: Contact local media outlets and inform them of your school’s events and activities for the week. This is to generate media coverage and raise awareness of your school and the importance of Lutheran education.

3. Invite community leaders and elected officials: To build relationships and showcase the positive impact of your school in the community, invite local leaders and politicians to visit your school on one or more days during the week.

4. Host open houses and tours: Open your doors to the community during Lutheran Schools Week and invite people to tour your school and learn more about what you do. It’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your students’ work and accomplishments.

5. Plan special events and activities: Consider hosting special events or activities during Lutheran Schools Week, such as a talent show, a book fair, or a fundraiser. Such events encourage student, parent, and community engagement and raise awareness of your school.

6. Partner with local businesses and organizations: Consider working with local companies and organizations to promote Lutheran Schools Week. For example, you ask a nearby bookstore to donate a percentage of sales during the week to your school or work with a restaurant to host or cater a fundraiser.

7. Create promotional materials: Make flyers, posters, and brochures to help spread the word about what you’re doing to celebrate. You can distribute these materials at your school, in the community, and through local churches.

8. Use email and newsletters: Keep parents and the community up to date with your Lutheran Schools Week events and activities with email and newsletters. To encourage more participation, include information about how they can get involved and support your school.

We hope you’ll find at least a few of these ideas for promoting National Lutheran Schools week helpful to raise awareness of the benefits of Lutheran education and create more interest in your school from your community.

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Here are some examples of social media posts from Lutheran Schools Week events.

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