Gradelink Serves International Schools

A Decade of Serving International Schools

Gradelink Student Information System serves 2,000 independent and parochial schools, including many international schools, around the world.

Headquartered in sunny Southern California, our teams of developers, service staff, marketing, sales and executives guide the continual improvement of our service to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to simplify school administration and teaching, through exceptional service, innovative features and a superior user experience.

Our account representative team is award winning. From the first time you call us, to implementation and training, through handling any issues or questions in the future, we’re here to help you each step of the way. Our goal is to resolve any support issues that arise with our international schools within 24 hours, to 100% satisfaction.

Intuitive Tool for International Schools

Gradelink’s innovative platform includes features not found elsewhere, like data-driven standards that integrate with lesson plans and report cards for a cohesive standards approach. Automatic grade monitoring keeps students and parents informed of changes in academic performance. Thoroughly customizable reporting reflects your school’s heritage, and online admissions help reduce paper usage. These are just of few of the numerous features Gradelink offers.

We design Gradelink to be as easy as possible to adopt and implement. Fully web based since day one, Gradelink’s emphasis on teacher friendliness means even less-technical staff members can adapt quickly.

School data is secured on multiple servers in state-of-the-art facilities employing industry standard best practices for data retention and redundancy. Historical uptime reliability is 99.99% or greater.


I work in China and western sites can be problematic. We have never had problems with Gradelink. It has also been a great comfort that when we made major changes to our program and transcripts, we were able to communicate easily with a support provider.

– Eric W.


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