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Families are the heart of your school community. Make sure the beat goes on by putting vital info at their fingertips.
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No, the Dog Didn’t Eat Your Homework

Gradelink makes it simple to maintain parent and school communication. The parent portal provides access to academic progress, making it easy to view class and assignment grades, due dates, upcoming homework, and more.

Parents and students can download file attachments posted by the teacher, including worksheets, permission slips, study guides, and the class syllabus.

Dog eating homework

Clear communication means less hassle at report card time!

—Jennifer B.

Student/Parent Mobile App

Get Gradelink on the go. The Student/Parent Mobile App helps students and their parents keep on top of their academic performance. With it, they can easily view schedules, class and assignment grades, attendance, upcoming homework and more. Volunteers can even enter and track service hours. Download it today for free!

Student/Parent Mobile App on a smartphone Spanish
School email alerts for parents screen

Be Alert

Requiring no teacher intervention, Automatic Grade Monitoring lets parents receive an email when their child either excels or underachieves in a class. Perfect for the busy parent to stay updated with their child’s academic development.


Parent communication is enhanced ten-fold, financial information is available to parents, and emergency information can be accessed with a click.

—Sue L.

SmartSend email screen

Email is a Blast

SmartSend, Gradelink’s built-in school email feature, lets principals and administrators (and optionally teachers) send messages or announcements to individuals or groups easily. For instance, communicate with parents of eighth graders, the whole staff, or even the entire school.

Parent portal language selection: English, Spanish, Chinese

¿Español? ¡Sí!

Are any of your students or their parents more comfortable with Spanish or Chinese than English? No hay problema. All Gradelink users — admins, teachers, parents, and students — can set their own default language to English, Spanish or Chinese.

Save the Dates

Gradelink’s Calendar feature offers powerful, detailed event tracking and planning abilities to keep everyone in sync. The faculty calendar shows events only to your staff, while the all-school calendar is visible to parents and can be embedded on your website. Teachers can even have class-specific calendars that include assignments by due date and class-related events.

Calendar 2022

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