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K-12 Private School Student Information System Buying Guide

What to look for – and what to avoid – when you’re shopping for a new SIS.

How Online Admissions Affect Enrollment Rates

Do families feel confident that your school is the right choice for them?

Making a Switch for the Better

With Engrade being discontinued, Rachel needed a new SIS that could reliably handle all of her school’s needs.

Why Families Leave Schools

Do you know three of the biggest reasons families leave schools? Here they are – and what you can do about it.

8 Reasons to Invest in a New Student Information System

If your school’s SIS has limited functions, only works on campus or breaks down more than you would like, it might time to invest in a new one.

7 Benefits of Lesson Plans in the Cloud

What if teachers didn’t have to lug tons of paperwork with them to and from work? Having lesson plans available anywhere is just one of the advantages.

Cloud-Based vs. On‑Premises SIS

As cloud-based information management systems become faster, easier and more accessible, schools of all sizes are weighing the move to a new student information management program.

On-demand Private School Webinars and Videos

Gradelink Resources for Online Instruction

As schools close their campuses in the wake of the coronavirus, they are faced with the task of switching to online teaching. We’re here to help ease the transition with tools for instruction and communication.

In this video, we demonstrate ways to use the tools already in Gradelink to help with remote teaching. We cover:

  • Assignments and attachments
  • Communication tools
  • Teacher and School News Pages

Get More Inquiries by Texting

Do you want to get more inquiries for your K-12 private school? Watch this quick video to learn how to use text messaging to generate more leads – without spending a dime.

Easy Ways to Take Your Website to the Next Level

Learn five secrets to making your website increase enrollment, just in time for fall.

Grappling to Centralize, Apply and Report on Student Data?

Become more efficient and productive by using Gradelink to handle administrative needs such as:

  • Scheduling
  • Attendance
  • Reporting
  • Data management
  • Faculty management
  • Emergency/medical and health management
  • Registration, and more

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Alignment.

How is student learning enhanced by curriculum, instruction and assessments? Watch this 5-minute video to understand the relationship between the three in simple terms and the impact each has on student learning. You’ll also learn how to use Gradelink to save time and assist with student learning every step of the way.

Boost Your School’s Enrollment, Fundraising and Event Registration

Learn how Gradelink users can streamline payment acceptance and supercharge cash flow with our preferred online payments solution, PaySimple. We share time-saving best practices using PaySimple’s complementary features including how to:

  • Boost enrollment, fundraising and event registration with online Payment Forms
  • Accept payments for all program offerings, payment plans, and merchandise 24/7 with Online Store
  • Collect flexible payment methods in-person and on-the-go with the Mobile POS App

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