Resources for Hybrid and Distance Learning

We’ve assembled a list of resources to enhance your off-campus instruction and improve results.

Distance Learning

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Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have. We are available by email at, by phone at 800-742-3083 (US and Canada), and online 24/7. Click here for international phone numbers.

Resources within Gradelink

Recording Student Health Info

Recording Student Health Info

Recording required daily temperature checks and other student health data can be a hassle. We have an easier way to track everything.

Student distance learning at home

Report Cards and Alternative Grades

Alternative grading scales are used to give students a grade other than what’s automatically calculated on the grade sheet. To use them for your school, just follow these step-by-step instructions.

Scheduling for Distance Learning

Alternating Schedules

Many schools are implementing alternating or hybrid schedules to reduce the number of students on campus at a time. Click below to see how to modify your schedules to accommodate your needs:

Communication Tools

Good communication is the key to keeping everyone connected while they are working remotely.

School News Page

Communicate important events and updates with the entire school with a School News page. It’s the first thing students and parents see when they log in.

Teacher Pages

Teachers, keep your class on track with Teacher Pages, personalized web pages for you to use for announcements, newsletters and more. Embed links to Zoom, YouTube and other sites.

Assignments and Attachments

Attach files to assignments for students to download through their Gradelink accounts. This can include worksheets saved as PDFs, images and video files.

Online Enrollment

Use EnrollMe to make it easy for new families to enroll and current families to re-enroll online. Make sure to communicate clearly when you are accepting applications and re-enrollment.

Google Classroom

Save countless hours by syncing assignment and quiz grades from Google Classroom to your Gradelink gradebook. It’s available to all Gradelink users at no additional charge.

Video Resources

Student distance learning at home

Gradelink Resources for Online Instruction

In this video, we demonstrate ways to use the tools already in Gradelink to help with remote teaching. We cover:

  • Assignments and attachments
  • Communication tools
  • Teacher and School News Pages

Video: Tools to Make Remote Learning Easier

Watch this 5-minute overview to learn how to quickly set your school up for distance learning.

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