Comprehensive Medical Records

Gradelink’s robust student medical records section is simple to use yet comprehensive.

School administrators and select staff members can document a wide range of student medical conditions. Quickly record doctor visits, general office visits, scoliosis screenings, hearing and vision screenings, and more. Easily click through our pre-selected fields to track past and present health conditions. Monitor student medications by recording over the counter or prescription drugs.

Most fields come with options to store custom notes. Allergies, immunizations, medications, medical history, vision and hearing examinations, and other related medical records are right at your fingertips.

Student Medical Records

Watch a 1-minute video to see how comprehensive Gradelink’s student medical records are.

Teacher View

Administrators can easily control access to student medical information. By granting teachers access to select medical information, they can be aware of which students have allergies, ADD/ADHD and other medical concerns simply by clicking on the student’s name in their gradebook.


I have been able to condense several other methods of record keeping in to one concise site! Attendance, medical info, demographic info, parent communication and text blasts, grades and teacher's reports, plus so much more… all in ONE place, easily entered with a few clicks!

– Margaret W.

Immunization Tracking

Gradelink allows for painless tracking of student immunization records, complete with detailed printable reports. Easily record vaccination doses, dosage dates, and upcoming due dates for the next dosage.

Administrators can allow staff members to document specific TB tests/chest x-ray results, mark if a student is up-to-date or exempt, and digitally sign-off on common state-required immunizations.

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